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Laser skin treatments have been around for quite some time, whereas microneedling is a newer addition to the world of skincare that has been getting rave reviews from experts and users alike.

This leaves many in a conundrum regarding which one to use to address their skin woes. Read on for a quick comparison of these top-tier skin rejuvenation treatments and know how they differ to choose the right procedure for yourself.

Laser Therapy vs. Microneedling – An Overview

Both laser and microneedling treat a similar range of skin problems, but their mechanisms of action are different.

Laser therapy is a selective skin treatment that uses light energy to precisely target the problematic area(s) or skin concerns without affecting the surrounding healthy tissues.

Microneedling cannot spot treat. It is a mechanical method that targets an entire area, such as the face, to trigger skin rejuvenation by boosting collagen synthesis and cell turnover. The procedure involves setting off the skin’s natural healing mechanism by creating hundreds or thousands of tiny holes in its topmost layer.

Microneedling is also often paired with other skin treatments, such as PRP, to get even better results. The results of microneedling are not problem-specific or selective. It treats an entire area and offers more generalized results.

The Pros and Cons of Laser Skin Treatments

Like any other procedure, laser therapy offers some unique advantages and also has certain limitations. Some of its major pros and cons include:

Laser Skin Treatment Pros
  • The laser allows precise targeting, enabling aestheticians and dermatologists to address specific skin issues without treating the whole area.
  • Laser skin treatments can provide more dramatic results in a shorter span of time.
  • The results of laser skin therapies are typically long-lasting.
  • Can be combined with other skin procedures for better results.
Laser Skin Treatment Cons
  • The high-intensity laser beams carry a risk of burns, so it is vital to only go to a reliable skin professional for laser skin treatments.
  • Laser therapy causes some redness and swelling, which can take some time to go away. Simply put, laser skin treatments have a longer recovery period.
  • May not be suitable for everyone. People with certain health (skin) conditions may experience flare-ups with laser treatment.

The Pros and Cons of Microneedling

Some of the most notable benefits and downsides of microneedling include the following:

Microneedling Pros
  • Low risk of side effects
  • Minimal downtime
  • Safe for all skin types
Microneedling Cons
  • The results aren’t as dramatic as laser therapy.
  • It may not be the best option for certain skin issues.

Choosing Between Microneedling and Laser

When it comes to choosing between microneedling and laser, no single answer applies to everyone. Determining the best skin treatment for someone depends on multiple factors, such as the skin issues faced, skin type, desired results, and overall health. Consult a skincare expert at Jade Clinic to know which of these is best for you and receive it from an experienced professional.

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