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Forged from Genuine Need

Jade Clinics was built upon a passion for hair-free living

The Jade Story

While still a teenager, Jennifer Desloges, the founder of Jade Clinics, suffered the deeply embarrassing issue of growing thick body hair, including a beard. This was caused by PCOS, a medical condition shared by an estimated five million women in North America. She began tweezing the hairs, not realizing that this would make the hair even thicker. Later she turned to shaving constantly in order to keep the hair at bay. The hair continued to grow, threatening her happiness like a life-long curse.

For eight long years, she struggled to hide her problem. If she was talking to someone and their eyes moved to her chin, her anxiety would be off the scale. She developed the nervous habit of constantly covering her face with her hands.

In 1989, Jennifer read a newspaper ad about becoming an electrologist. Encouraged by the fact that such a career would allow her to get treatments for herself, she felt she had nothing to lose.

Over the next few months, she spent more time being treated than treating others. She even treated herself! Those years not only taught her how to perform expert electrolysis, they gave her a deep appreciation for the life-changing impact it could have on those suffering from the stigma of unwanted body hair. She learned that hair-free living was possible, and that it offers a joyful freedom she had never imagined in those dark years.

Through the process Jennifer went through, Jade Clinics was born to give this same hope to countless others.

The Growth of Jade Clinics


Jennifer Desloges founded Jade Clinics as a single-operator electrolysis clinic called Allard Studios in Chilliwack, BC. At the time, it was run out of her home carport that had been converted into a clinic.


After moving to Edmonton, Alberta, Jennifer opens a government approved Electrolysis vocational school. She trains nearly 100 practitioners over ten years, many of whom are still practicing across Canada.


Jennifer moves back to British Columbia and opens Jade Clinics in Vancouver’s trendy Kitsilano neighbourhood.


Jade Clinics opens its fith clinic and new head office in Richmond , BC, including an expanded training centre.


Jade Clinics expands to Ontario, opening its sixth clinic in Oakville.


Jade Clinics offers more than just electrolysis hair removal services. With new offerings like body sculpting and skin rejuvenation services, Jade Clinics is disrupting the beauty industry.
Helping you love the skin you’re in

Building your confidence through world-class treatments

At Jade Clinics, every staff member is passionate about helping you love your body. Looking after customers goes much deeper than the treatment you’re receiving. They seek to help you discover the confidence in yourself from the many ways Jade supports your goals of smooth, blemish-free and hairless skin, and a shape you feel good about when you look in the mirror.

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Confidence-building services

An exceptional experience

Whether you’ve used other forms of hair removal, skin rejuvenation or body sculpting, or you’re brand new to these procedures, you can count on Jade Clinics to give you world-class treatments with gentle, personalized care.

Explore our Treatments


Adult men and women of all ages have unwanted facial and body hair which negatively impacts their lives. Electrolysis is the only method of permanent hair removal.

TruSculpt 3D™

An easy way to sculpt those stubborn areas, with an average of 24% fat reduction in just one treatment. Trusculpt 3D™ uses Radio Frequency (RF) technology to deliver targeted heating to areas large and small.

Secret RF

The perfect way to revitalize and refresh areas of your skin. Secret RF stimulates the natural production of new collagen and elastin in the skin through a microneedling process. The result is improved appearance of sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, and stretch marks.

Skin Revision

Skin revision uses a method called Electrocautery to remove unwanted skin lesions, spider veins and other unsightly skin blemishes for a brighter and healthier-looking complexion.

Meet the Team

Jade is a family-based business with an experienced team committed to providing the highest quality electrolysis and skin care treatments available.

“As a woman with polycystic ovaries I know what unwanted hair does to a person, I know in my heart how devastating that feels.”

Jennifer DeslogesFounder and CEO
CEO, Founder, Practitioner Level 8, CE, CCE, CPE, RDT

Jennifer Desloges

Jennifer has excelled in the beauty industry for over 30 years, specializing in all things electrolysis. She is a self-made entrepreneur and is the Founder of Jade Clinics.

Jennifer’s passion is the client, in everything she does there is a client first mentality. When we finally give Jennifer a day off (it’s rare), you can find her spending time with her family playing board games at home or at a Vancouver Canucks game with her husband Marcel.

Marc Desloges, VP, Jade Clinics
Vice President

Marc Desloges

Marc was born into the electrolysis business, as his mother Jennifer had a home-based electrolysis clinic during his childhood. Marc’s first love was hockey which allowed him to travel the world and get an undergraduate degree from the University of British Columbia.

Marc joined Jade Clinics shortly after completing his degree and is active in the financing side of the business. In his spare time, Marc enjoys golfing and kayaking with his wife Mika and going on hikes with their dogs Bauer and Gordie.

Kat Collins, Office Administrator, Jade Clinics
Office Administrator

Kat Collins

Kat has been a key member of the Jade Clinics team since she joined in 2015. As the Office Administrator, Kat handles most of the day-to-day tasks with ease. Kats favorite day of the week is Wednesdays when her dog Percy joins her in the office. On the weekends, Kat can be found cuddling up with a good fantasy novel or Marvel movie when she isn’t busy taking Percy to the dog park.

Janine Jost
VP of Operations, CE, CCE, CPE

Janine Jost

Jennifer’s daughter Janine started working on clients when she was 15 years old. She naturally gravitates towards all things beauty and strives to assist her clients to feel and look their very best.

Before opening her Abbotsford franchise in 2017, Janine worked at Jade Clinics head office as the Chief Operating Officer. Janine enjoys spending her spare time at the gym and watching movies with her husband Nathan and their 2 dogs Princess and Linda.

Ready to start living a hair-free life?