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If you’re to name one industry that’s always buzzing with innovative advancements, it has to be the beauty sector.

There’s something new coming up about this industry every other day. While this is great, these rapid new developments also often give birth to myths and misconceptions. And this is one of the reasons there is so much misinformation about several beauty and personal care procedures.

Electrolysis is one of them.

As a leading service provider of electrolysis in British Columbia, Jade Clinics considers it a responsibility to bust myths and spread correct knowledge about this incredible amazing hair removal procedure. So let’s do it!

5 Common Myths about Electrolysis Hair Removal

There’s a lot of misinformation about electrolysis out there, but here are some of the most common myths:

Myth # 1: Electrolysis Is Very Painful

Fact: Electrolysis may not be a completely pain-free hair removal procedure, but it isn’t as bad as people think. At Jade Clinics, we apply a topical numbing cream to the treatment area to further reduce discomfort. You will feel pinching sensations, but they are manageable and after a while they just become routine. We can use local anesthetic for people with an extremely low pain threshold, to keep from feeling that pinching.

Myth # 2: Electrolysis Isn’t Permanent

Fact: Electrolysis is the only AMA and FDA-recognized permanent hair removal procedure. No other hair removal method is confirmed by these authorities for providing permanent results.

Myth # 3: Home Electrolysis Devices are Just as Effective as Professional Treatments

Fact: Home-use electrolysis devices may feel more convenient and affordable, but they do not offer the same results as professional electrolysis treatments performed at a specialized facility.

Not only do professional service providers use advanced equipment, but they are also trained to perform the procedure with utmost efficiency, accuracy, and safety, which results in far better results than at-home procedures.

Myth # 4: Laser Hair Removal is is Just as Good as Electrolysis

Fact: There’s actually no comparison. Electrolysis hair removal is far better than laser therapy. It’s more thorough, specific and works equally well on all skin tones and hair types, while laser is limited to only pale skin and certain hair colors.

Myth # 5: Electrolysis Can Only Treat Small Areas

Fact: Electrolysis can be performed on both small and large areas with the same great results. The advanced hair removal procedure can target all types of hair and can be done on all areas of the body.

Come to Jade Clinics for the Best Electrolysis Service

At Jade Clinics, you can say goodbye to unwanted body hair forever without undergoing severely painful procedures. We offer electrolysis at all our facilities because we want our clients to look and feel their best.

Call 1-888-588-0818 now to start your journey of permanent hair removal.

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